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After drinking your coffee, coffee can be used again ! How and Where ? By Rostino Roasters


After drinking your coffee, You always throw the coffee garbage without thinking about it.

Here you have the latest ideas about the reuse of the coffee in many postions :

1- You can use it for the plants in your garden. Simply put it as a fertilizer.

2- Some people started to use it for the art work, You can make good masterpieces with it.

3- Coffee grounds contain natural odor-removal qualities. To get rid of any persistent odors in your refrigerator.

4- Making homemade candles with a coffee aroma is another way to reuse used coffee grounds. When lit, the candle will emit a pleasant coffee scent.

5- The used coffee grounds can also be used for cleaning your fireplace. Sprinkle the grounds over the ashes, this will help to weigh them down and prevent ash clouds from forming.

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