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coffee roasting machine

Roast profiles regarding the flavor

Different roasting profiles should be applied to green coffee beans, whose characteristics are known, to discover their aromas. Roast profiles should be created regarding slow, fast and optimum roasting parameters.

Duration and temperature of roasting, volume and pressure of the hot air, and the burner capacity should be changed, and resulting profiles should be recorded. In order to achieve the best result, roasting processes may be changed, if need be.

These profiles and the tasting notes are evaluated together and new profiles shall be created. Green coffee beans of the same origin shall be roasted in different profiles regarding the changes in production year, storage, moisture content, etc.

roast profiles

The proper roasting should be made in harmony with the coffee flavor characteristics and depending on the requests of coffee roasteries, coffee shops or coffee consumers. The following criteria should be taken into consideration in order to identify the proper roasting profile :

The process is executed as follows :

• Characteristics of the green coffee in stock

• Features of the roasting machine

• Customer requests

• Roast master's own preferences

• Sample roast profile records

• Sample taste data

1. A profile considering the above criteria is estimated.

2. Roasting is made by this profile.

3. Taste test is made at the end of roasting.

4. Profile is readjusted if the taste results are not as expected.

5. This process is repeated until the requested taste is obtained.

6. Once the proper roast profile is obtained, it is recorded.

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