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What is the successful roast ? Lets go inside the coffee roasting machine concepts

coffee roasting machine

Recently, the coffee roasting plants tried to find out how to roast new types of green beans by trial and error method. Coffee academies’ and roast machine producers' training and practicing services made coffee roasting to be made scientifically today. While roasting, various experiments should be made and the results should be recorded. Therefore, the potency of tests, in consideration of new scientific know-how, increases and the results are obtained in a short time. The period may take between a few days and a few weeks for the roast master to complete the new roasting adjustments for a new coffee. The density, size and moisture content should be known in advance while a new type of coffee is being searched.

Today, by means of emerging technologies, moisture, density, color and size of beans are analyzed with various devices, which were used to be expensive in the past but are affordable today.

These devices ease coffee roasting and quality control to comply with international standards. Coffee roasting machines are affected by the climate and altitude of the region where they are run. Eminent coffee roasting machines have many controlling systems to help the roast masters to roast coffee in accord with the customers' requests. These systems are very useful for roasting repetitively high quality coffee in continuous production, as well as test roastings of a new coffee or new flavors required. The data recorded during regular roasting and test roastings of new beans is the roast master's reference guide, key to continuity of quality and secret of success.

Data which should be recorded are:

• Characteristics of the green coffee (country, tree varietals, region, moisture, color, density, bean size)

• Roasting machine (type, heating method, the brand)

• Location of roasting (altitude)

• Roasting date and time

• Loading time of green coffee into the drum

• Set heat values • First crack time and duration

• Second crack time and duration

• Roasting duration

• Drum evacuation temperature

• Taste analysis of coffee

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