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60 kg Coffee Roasting Machine

CAPACITY :180- 240KG Per Hour Depends on the roasting style

ROS60 coffee roaster has been designed for optimal and high efficiency heat transfer and distribution. Our development on coffee roasting brings the unique drum design which has homogeneous, constant and stable bean roasting at each batch.

Our machines are designed for professional use; precise controls for exact roasting and our unique ‘Green’ option are the result of precise engineering and manufacturing, coupled with an intelligent software interface, to increase ease of use in busy roastery environments. Our machines are built to last and give you and your business years of pleasure. We never forget that it is all about you.

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Technical specs

Sizes w x l x h :315x330x325 cm Exhaust pipe diameter : Ø168mm Voltage & Frequency : Single Phase 110 / 220V 50hz 60hz Three Phase 380 / 400 50hz 60hz Power : 30kw/h Electric Current (Ampere) : 30A

Fuel type : Propane, LPG, Natural Gas, Electricity

Gas pressure requirement : NG 20Mbar – Propane, LPG 30mbar Source Gas Pressure : 1-4bar

Drum : Double wall

Burner Type : Premix

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Full Automatic Specifications

Artificial Intelligence

22 inch Touch screen helps you to save the roast profiles and control the follwoing from the touch screen :

1- all motors

2- drum speed

3- exhaust speed

4- Flame levels.

Rostino program is so advanced, it saves unlimited profiles. It saves your actions during the roasting process.Example: during the roasting process goes on, you decreased the flame on 145c and increased the drum speed on 163c and increased exhaust fan speed on 172c.If you liked that coffee, these data are saved automatically, and will repeated if you wanted to repeated that profile. Unlimited actions are allowed.When the profile is selected, you will sit down and watch the coffee roaster works as you were beside it. Green coffee /Roasted coffee is dropped automatically

AI support is also apart of our program.If you repeated the profile, and the program saw that temp and data is not being matched with the saved profile, programs start to do some actions like increase flame or decrease exhaust fan speed in order to catch the data of saved profileArtificial Intelligence

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