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Coffee Roasting Machine Shop Type15KG

Ideal for small to medium sized coffee shops and roasteries

Rostino coffee roaster is designed for consistency and complete control when roasting small and medium-sized batches.

ROS15 can roast up to 60kg per hour and 15kg per batch.

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coffee roaster
Double wall drum

Double Wall Drum

Rostino Roasters Confident in your coffee roasting, the high convection provided by the double-walled drum provides a stable roast and less scorching of the beans in each batch.

coffee profile system

Advanced Profiling

Rostino Profiles and Automation allows you to create, save, and repeat profiles with many features such as RoR, flame control, editable profile levels during roasting, and more.

drum speed control

Drum Speed Control

Maximum control over your coffee beans allows you to create new and better flavors in your beans. Superior controlled roasting process for different batch capacities.

rostino premix burner

Premix Burner

Manage heat during the roasting process like a maestro.

Fast and precise temperature control ensures correct roasting results.

Air Flow Control

Air Flow control feature will add many changes to your cup.
It allows you to create many aroma from same the same green coffee

rostino coffee profile system

Big Touch Screen

Big screen with AI features to repeat the

roasts with all details. After setting your profile, You sit and watch the roaster playing your game!

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