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As a coffee roaster, should you taste the cold or hot coffee ?

When coffee is in mouth, most of the aroma is sensed by nose. The tongue detects only bitter, sour, sweet, salty and umami flavors, but the nose detects thousands of aromatic compounds including the amount of concentration. Every coffee drink has its own aromatic signature consisted of hundreds of aromatic volatile compounds. Smelling provides the coffee taster to detect the difference of volatile compounds among the similar coffees with just one sniff. During tasting, most of the impression is sensed by smelling rather than by tasting.

coffee roaster

Hot coffee is more acidic than the cold. Hot coffee tasting allows better evaluation of the acidity, brightness, taste, balance and many other characteristics. However, acidity covers the taste like a fog. When coffee is cold and the acidity disappears, the green coffee bean defects and the effects of roasting appear.

coffee roaster

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