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Coffee Harvest time

Whatever the time of year, Arabica and Robusta

are being harvested somewhere in the world.

Some countries and regions harvest intensively

once a year, others have two distinct harvest

periods. Other areas have long seasons that

last more or less all year.

Depending on species and variety, the trees can

grow several feet high, but are usually pruned to

about 5ft (1.5m) high to facilitate picking, as this

is mostly done by hand. Harvesters pick

in one pass or several passes—stripping unripe

cherries, overripe cherries, and everything in

between in one go; or picking only the ripest

cherries and returning to the same tree several

times throughout the harvest season.

Some countries use machines that strip the

branches or that gently shake the trees, causing

the ripest cherries to fall off to be gathered.

Coffee roasters should know very well this information so they can import fresh coffee.

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