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Flavour Countdown and storage

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

محمصة قهوة

After roasting our coffee with Rostino coffee roasting machines, We have determined how long the coffee retains its ideal flavor after roasting, we prepared 30 bags of beans (all from the same batch, packed a few hours after roasting in a one-way valve bag). For two weeks, we use our harvest to brew two pots of coffee a day:

one is made with beans from a recently opened bag, the other is made from beans that are stored on the counter in a zip-lock bag and let the air out. Some very demanding tasters have noticed a change in taste after only a few days of storage; many tasters noticed a decline after 10 days; Most tasters agree that the coffee tastes noticeably less fresh after 12 days. Conclusion :

Opened beans stored in an airtight container should be used within 10-12 days.


TABLE, Fridge OR Freezer? If you finish a bag of beans in less than 10-12 days, store them in the original bag or in a zippered bag, away from heat and light sources. If you plan to store your beans longer than this, store them in the freezer to limit exposure to air and moisture. (Never store coffee in the refrigerator, as it can lose its flavor.) For best results, portion beans (whether stored on the counter or in the freezer) in small bags with Zip up slices during the day to keep the air in. . and minimal exposure to moisture.

#محمصة قهوة

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