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Formation of coffee aroma (For coffee roasters)

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

coffee roasters
coffee roasters

Desired aroma is not developed in the first few minutes of roasting. Only volatile aroma compounds are formed when moisture ratio decreases to 5%. Caramelization and Maillard reactions, i.e., decomposition of amino acids, sugars, phenolic acid and oils support aroma formation. 2 Caramelization produces fruity, caramel-like, nutty flavors, and Maillard produces appetizing, grassy, chocolaty, earthy, and brewed flavors. Most of the volatile aromatic compounds are dissolved in coffee oil and slowly released to the ambient during and after brewing. Aroma is at its highest level from light roast to medium roast. In dark roast, aroma compounds’ decomposition is greater than composition by volume, with smokey and strong flavors left behind. Roasted beans lose aroma due to gas release during storage. Aroma loss of dark roasted beans with more porous and weak cellulose matrix, occurs faster than lighter roasted beans.

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