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How to clean your coffee roaster everyday ?

To extend the life of your coffee roaster and guarantee the security of your business, maintenance is essential. To make the cleaning process easier, we highlight cleaning in this blog and offer maintenance advice for roasters. We also discuss the risks associated with insufficient cleaning.

Establish a cleaning schedule to reduce the need for excessive cleaning. In this manner, you extend the life of your roaster and get the most out of it. Fortunately, maintaining your Rostino roaster on a daily basis doesn't take much time.

clean your coffee roaster

Here you have the steps :

1- Open the door of the chaff collector and discharg the chaffs with vacuum cleaner.

2- Under the cooling tray, open the small gate and clean all the chaffs.

3- If you roasted lot of espresso during the day, put half batch of green coffee and rotate it inside the drum for 10 min.

4- Clean the whole body with air compressor or something similar.

For more details contact us.

clean your coffee roaster

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