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How to create coffee roast profile ? Basics of the roasting profile system on Rostino machines

Roast profile has been under develop for the last 25 year. While the old roast masters were depending on color only trying to get the same roast every time, coffee culture and technological developments have changed everything.

Now many data are required to be saved in order to get the same roast as roast master now know very well that color can not guarantee the same taste by its own.

Coffee roast profile is consisted from these basic information :

• Characteristics of the green coffee (country, tree varietals, region, moisture, color, density, bean size)

• Roasting machine (type, heating method, the brand)

• Location of roasting (altitude)

• Roasting date and time

• Loading time of green coffee into the drum

• Set heat values

• First crack time and duration

• Second crack time and duration

• Roasting duration

• Drum evacuation temperature

• Taste analysis of coffee

roast profile

Rostino profile system

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