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How to save coffee roasting profile manually ?

Manually saving a coffee roasting profile typically requires documenting important data and observations during the roasting process. Here we will show you step by step how to save a coffee roasting profile manually.

Preparing your equipment: Make sure your roasting equipment is clean and properly calibrated.

Data recording tools: Get the tools you need, such as a timer, thermometer, notepad, and pen.

Green coffee details: Get green coffee information such as bean type, origin, and batch size.

Recording forms: Create recording forms or use notebooks to document the following data:

Roasting start time: Note the exact time when roasting begins. Temperature: Records temperature readings at regular intervals (usually every 30 seconds or minutes). Record the temperature at key points such as the point of inflection, first crack, and second crack. Observe: Note the color, aroma, and appearance of the coffee beans at different stages. Bean behavior: Describe notable events such as the onset of the first crack or the end of roasting. Roaster settings: Document roaster settings such as gas/heat settings, airflow, and drum speed. Cooling: Document the time when you start the cooling process, as this will be a key marker for the end of the roast.

Label and Organize: Clearly label the profile with the coffee bean details, date, and any other relevant information. Organize your profiles in a way that makes them easily accessible for future reference.

Analyze and Adjust: After reviewing your profile, make any necessary adjustments for future roasts to achieve your desired flavor profile.

Backup: To ensure you don't lose this valuable data, consider creating a digital backup by transcribing your manual notes into a digital format or using roasting software to save and organize your profiles. Practice and Consistency: Run this process consistently from roast to roast to create a library of profiles that help you achieve a consistent, desired coffee flavor.

Manually saving coffee roast profiles is a fundamental practice in the specialty coffee industry, allowing roasters to recreate successful roasts and experiment with different roast profiles to get the most out of each coffee bean. You will be able to utilize it.

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