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I am a new coffee roaster, where should I sell my coffee ?

Coffee shops are popping up at an ever-increasing rate. Most towns with a population of 2,000 or more have at least one shop. Small coffee shops use between five and 10 pounds of whole bean coffee daily.

Medium to large coffee shops use from 15 to 50 pounds daily. The most approachable coffee shops for a new roaster are the smaller ones. Large coffee shops usually have long-term agreements with suppliers, so they are not likely to switch vendors quickly.

This is especially true for larger franchise coffee shops. Do not expect to sell fresh roasted coffee to Starbucks.

Small coffee shops are always trying to differentiate themselves from their larger competitors. Having local, fresh roasted coffee is a great way for them to do that. It also allows them to add another line of business by selling coffee retail under their label. Remember this is wholesale business for you and retail for them. Small coffee shops also have less bargaining power with suppliers because of their low monthly volume and lack of supplier choices. It is a good opportunity for a micro-roaster to provide better quality coffee at a lower price.

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