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Strategies to optimise inner coffee bean development during ( for coffee roasting machine)

coffee roasting machine

Coffee beans lose 12% to 24% of their weight during roasting depending on the initial moisture content, roasting temperature and development of the inner bean. Smooth coffee is extracted from the beans that are mostly evacuated at the last stage of the first crack. Weight loss of these beans are 11% to 13%. Weight loss is 14% to 16% approximately 30 seconds after the first crack, when it is 17% to 18% right before the second crack. The loss is 22% to 24% for dark roasted oily beans. In light roast, the 90% of beans's weight loss is the vaporized water, which is followed by other organic materials, respectively CO2 , a small amount of chaff, CO, N2 , volatile aromatic compounds and acids. The ratio of organic compound loss is directly proportional to roasting temperature, which is 5% to 8% in light roast and up to 12% in dark roast. Beans lose weight but expand 50% to 100% of their original size. Simultaneous weight loss and volume expansion leads to a density loss of almost half.

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