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Tips for Buying and Storing Coffee - coffee roasting machines

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

coffee roasting machines

Buy beans in small quantities no more than a few days after the roasting date (ask before buying); Our tests show that the roasted beans are ready for fertilizer in just 10-12 days. Buying from a local roaster or a bulk store increases your chances of getting beans from a recent roast.

Buy prepackaged coffee in a heat-sealed aluminum-coated Mylar bag with a one-way drain valve. This valve (sometimes nothing more than a knock) releases carbon dioxide to keep the bag from inflating while also preventing oxygen from escaping, causing the coffee to go rancid. When unopened, these bags keep the beans as fresh as they were when they were roasted for up to 90 days (the outer limit for beans in such packaging is set by roasters including George Howell Terroir Coffee Company, of Acton, Massachusetts and national retailer Peet's Coffee & Tea cited). Of course, as soon as you open the package, the freshness countdown will begin.

DO NOT rely on expiration date. We found some supermarket coffee brands with a best shelf life of up to two years from the date of roasting.

Don't buy pre-ground coffee. Grinding accelerates oxidation and degrades flavor. When we compared coffee made from freshly ground beans with coffee made from ground beans 24 hours earlier, the tasters absolutely loved coffee made from freshly ground beans. Grinding the previous day was also not optimal:

Studies show that exposed coffee cells will begin to break down within an hour.

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