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what are the characters of Guatemala green coffee beans ?

Guatemala green coffee

Green coffee beans from Guatemala are known for their special properties and are very popular among coffee lovers and connoisseurs. These key attributes are listed in 10 lines.

Flavor Profile: Green coffee beans from Guatemala are prized for their complex and rich flavor profile.

Bright Acid: Usually characterized by a bright, lively acidity that energizes the cup.

Floral Notes: Guatemalan coffee features floral notes such as jasmine and honeysuckle.

Fruity Notes: Expect fruity notes such as citrus and berry flavors. Chocolate and nut nuances: Depending on the variety, there are subtle chocolate and nut nuances that add depth.

Medium to full-bodied: These beans are typically medium to full-bodied and offer a rounded mouthfeel.

Clean, Refreshing Finish: Guatemalan coffee is known for its clean, refreshing finish and long finish.

Altitude: Grown at high altitude on volcanic soils, these beans benefit from the region's unique terroir.

Shade-grown: Many Guatemalan beans are grown in the shade, which gives them a more complex flavor. Coffee Regions: Guatemala has several coffee growing regions, including Antigua, Huehuetenango, and Atitlan, each offering its own flavor variations.

In summary, green coffee beans from Guatemala are prized for their diverse flavors, bright acidity, and high-altitude terroir influence, making them a popular choice for specialty coffee production.

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