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coffee roasting machine

What is degassing in Coffee Roasting ? What you can do about it ? Coffee roasting machine problems

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

coffee roasting machine

Coffee Roasting problems !

Degassing is the release of gases from roasted coffee. When you roast coffee, gases – including a lot of carbon dioxide – form inside the bean.

A lot of these gases are released in the first few days after roasting. The problem is that the escaping gases can result in small bubbles when you brew your coffee. These air pockets can disrupt the contact between the coffee grounds and the water, leading to an uneven extraction of the flavour and aroma compounds in the dry coffee.

In other words, if you brew coffee that has just been roasted, it can negatively affect the flavour and profile of the coffee.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to wait a few days after roasting before you brew your coffee. This period of time and the chemical release that happens during it are known as degassing.

So, degassing allows the dispersion of carbon dioxide caused in the roasting process. But we don’t want all of this gas to disappear. Instead, we should brew when there is just enough of it present. The right amount of carbon dioxide stops the coffee tasting stale and flat.

But how long after roasting this is depends on several factors. Generally, somewhere between three days and two to three weeks after roasting is considered a good time to brew coffee. Yet every coffee is different and the degassing period needed will vary. The brewing method, processing choices, and roast profile all affect how long this is.

Sharayah Harper, Co-Founder of Uncharted Coffee Co in Pueblo, Colorado, USA, says, “The harvesting and the washing process is always different, the drying process is always different, the water content is always different. So, I believe that is why [degassing] varies… Different sizes of beans, different quantities of moisture and gas.”

coffee roasting machine

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