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The effects of green coffee moisture on roasting and coffee roaster

Updated: 9 hours ago

After you have settled on a specific coffee profile after a large number of experiments, you discover after a while that the taste and flavor begin to change and the roasting recipe is no longer the same as it was before!

If you do not discover this yourself, do not rule out that you will start losing some customers, but if you are lucky, some of customers will tell you about the problem and that the coffee has changed a little.

Never mock or belittle the customer’s opinion. As marketing science says: The customer is always right.

If you are using a modern coffee roaster with powerful hardware and software capable of repeating roasting, this means that the only variable here is the type of coffee you are using.

If you are using an old, classic coffee roaster, then your task is difficult and you must research carefully all possible variables.

Suppose you are using a Rostino roaster with modern equipment and powerful software capable of repeating the profile, so you can only suspect that the coffee has changed, or at least the moisture content.

You must ensure the following:

1 - You are using the same type of coffee

2 - The same degree of humidity

You can buy a hygrometer or you can roast coffee manually several times and monitor the turning point.

If the turning point temperature is higher than the turning point temperature in the profile, this means that you are using less wet coffee now and you must immediately change the profile. If the turning point temperature is lower, this means that the coffee is more moist and you must change the roasting profile as well.

Notes for coffee roasters:

Less humidity The flame should be lower... More humidity, more flame. Don't forget this information

The acceptable moisture level for green coffee is 8-12. The preferred grade is 10-12.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Rostino team

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